Public services

Burriana has many services in order to meet the tourists' requirements and wishes. Its location and the fact that it is well communicated allow an easy access to those services, such as hospitals, train stations...

La plana hospital

A mere 5 minutes away from the town.

Ctra de Vila-real a Burriana, km 0.5. 12540 Vila-real.
Tlf. 964357600
Fax: 964357601

Municipal pool

C/ Generación del 27, 1
12530 Burriana (Castellón)
Tlf.: 964 59 14 00

City hall

Plaça Major, 1
12530 Burriana (Castellón)
Tlf.: 964 51 00 62

Health center

Avda. Nules, s/n
12530 Burriana (Castellón)
Tlf.: 964 59 20 60

Multifuncional center of Grao

C/Mestre Rodrigo s/n
12530 Grao de Burriana

Polifuncional center of la Serratella

C/Bélgica s/n
12530 Grao de Burriana
Zona de la Serratella

New health center

Zona Novenes de Calatrava
12530 Burriana

Municipal pavilion of la Bosca de Burriana

Camino Artana s/n
12530 Burriana
Tlf. 964 59 10 02

24h emergency pharmacy