In Burriana

There is a wide variety of sites in the province of Castellón. South of Burriana is La Vall d'Uixó, where the Grutas de San José are found, Europe's longest navigable underground river. If we continue inland we reach the Sierra de Espadán, a mountain chain, and important towns such as Artana and Eslida. The Desierto de las Palmas (Palms Desert), located north of Burriana, is an emblematic site of the Comunidad Valenciana and the location of the Monastery belonging to the Carmelitiana Order. Morella, an entirely walled city, is in the region of Els Ports.In the Maestrazgo, a prehistoric view of the region may be taken into account thanks to the petroglyphs, or rock art, carved into stone that have been declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

Also important is the fact that Burriana is only 45 minutes away from Valencia, which allows a fast access to the city and its many entertainment options.

Burriana also features some interesting choices, one of the most important being its wonderful coastal zone, known for attracting tourists and for being the perfect place for all of those from the surrounding areas to have a second residence, since aside from being fascinating, its beaches are completely equipped for those with some kind of handicap.

Bicycle routes

The difficulty level is low, since all of them stretch out on flat land. Encourage yourselves and try one of these two to three-hour-long routes, and lose yourselves for a moment amongst the sea of orange trees that Burriana still holds proudly.


The land is completely flat and it alternates paved roads with dirt roads and rocky trails, which keeps it from being weary. Longer routes and mountain routes are also found nearby, in the natural sites that surround Burriana.

Ruta de las Ermitas (Hermitage route)

It is a 35km-long hike within Burriana's boundaries that visits its many hermitages, all of them austere and hidden amongst orange trees.

Paraje Natural El Clot de la Mare de Deu

It is the wild landscape that surrounds the mouth of the River Ana. There you can enjoy cool temperatures even in the summer underneath the shade of the trees, perfect for going on picnics with friends or family on the flat extension found in its core.

Horseback riding

Burriana has an equestrian center where you'll be able to learn how to ride, go horseback riding and do many other activities.

Motorized activities

Quads and buggies are available for driving, and there is a company in Burriana with the purpose of arranging outings that take place in different types of land, often covering mountainous areas and seaside trails.

Water sports

  • Windsurf: the playa del Arenal (sand beach) is perfect for windsurfing all year long. It is a sandy beach protected by breakwaters that allow a safe workout.
  • Surf: for a few days every year, the playa del Grao and the Mijares river mouth become the ideal surfing sites.
  • Dinghy sailing, canoing...: Burriana's coast is the perfect spot for sailing in the Mediterranean, as most of the time it provides soft steadfast winds coming from the land.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving: the Mediterranean waters offer warm temperatures and interesting underwater sites.